Updated for v2.0.0-beta

<> - optional parameter
[] - required parameter


Name Description Cooldown
/help Displays all the available commands. 10s
/time Displays the local date and time for the bot. 5s
/version Displays the current version of the bot and it's dependencies. 5s
/invite Sends the user an invite link for use of the bot in other servers. 60s
/support Sends the user an invite link to the support server. 60s
/donate Send the user a link to PayPal for donations. 60s


Name Description Cooldown
/register Creates a Shizuki profile based off of your Discord ID. 60s
/profile <user> Displays the current user's or mentioned user's profile card. 60s
/bg Customize your profile card with backgrounds. 5s
/setbio [bio] Set the bio that's displayed on your profile card. 60s
/daily Claim daily loot and currency. 10s
/rep <user> Gives another user a reputation point. 60s
/mail Check your mailbox for announcements, giveaways and events. 60s
/register Creates a profile connected to your Discord account.
(This is usually done automatically by chatting)